Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This title has nothing to do with this post...

So I'm sitting around, one hand on a cold beer and my eyes on my Twitter feed.(If you don't follow me, you should! I'm really not super exciting but we all like followers right? @angievendetta ) Just a nice, calm day. I am thankful for days like this. Especially after the past few emotional days. I like this sitting around and just chilling. I think times like these are good for the soul.

Over the weekend I found myself in a little used book store. I swear when I die, my afterlife will be a big Victorian house filled to the ceilings with books. It was so relaxing to browse through loved copies of books. It was like you could hear each one calling out to be taken home. I have the same feeling in a bookstore as I do when I visit an animal rescue or shelter. I brought a few new friends home and have been devouring them since. My latest read is The Black Dahlia Avenger. Find it, read it. It's been pretty awesome so far.

Now that I've rambled on for a bit about nothing, how about some candids?

This is from the other day. I've been feeling weird about my body. I think I've lost a few pounds. My jeans fit perfectly right from the dryer where they were a struggle before(I machine dry my jeans because Im lazy)and my body just feels...different. Who knows what's going on.

I received these super sexy undies from a very,very sweet man. I got them in red and in black and let me tell you, I feel so sexy in them.

And from behind! You can see my messy closet (!), my bum, and my thick legs. Pay no attention to my messy closet. :D

Expect more post in the future. I really love interacting with you guys.

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  1. omg what a messy closet.. ;o)

    You look GREAT and great in those panties.. good enuff to eat lol

    actually I did not notice the closet till you mentioned it.