Friday, September 17, 2010

Holy crap, where to begin.

I guess, if you are looking for a sexy, cute, or erotic post from me, this might be one worth skipping.

For the past few weeks, life has decided to screw with me long and hard (hey, maybe this will be an erotic post after all!). If you follow me on tumblr or are a one of the very few who know me in real life or on facebook, you'll know that recently my little family unit recently grew by one. We were joined by a 13 year old Sheltie named Molly. Molly has been in my husband family for about 10 years(thats 5 years longer than Ive been in the family!) and resided with his younger sister. Molly is old and has more than a few problems but is one of the most lovable and devoted dogs Ive ever seen. She's as sweet as the day is long. It was looking pretty dire for Molly, because of her owners school/work scheduling. Molly doesn't do well when she is left alone and things were not working out. There were some options looked into (rescue shelters, adoption,etc) but finally we decided that a member of the family shouldn't be treated that way. So, Molly was relocated to our house full of kids, toys, and misplaced food. She's pretty happy, there is no shortage of love or attention here, but misses her owner. The good thing is that we are all still family and can be reunited whenever the need arises. She doesn't have much time left realistically, but hopefully we can make it the happiest time of her life. Even if she constantly wakes me and has to go outside like twenty million times a day ><

The day after Molly came to our house, my husband was involved in a car wreck on his way to work. He tried to skirt under a yellow and got tagged by a van. Thank the Gods, no one was injured. The cops came and he was cited for failing to yield. We thought that it was just going to be a simply fender bender. WRONG. We took our car (a Saturn Ion) after the accident to a body shop endorsed by our insurance (by the way USAA is AMAZING and worth joining if you can). They estimated that fixing the car would be more than the car is worth, so our wonderful little car is a total loss. I always had a different opinion of what a "totaled" car was, lol. Apparently, the frame got bent and the trunk would have to be replaced as would the floor. >.< That sucks major. We purchased the car right after I moved to Washington when he returned from Iraq. It was pretty much the first big thing we bought as a couple. It was the car we brought our children home in, took dates in, and drove all around Germany. Also, it was the first new car I had ever used. I hate getting sentimental over material possessions, but I really liked that car for all its faults.

We currently are using a rental vehicle thats OMGawesome (2010 Silverado). I feel like Im commanding a red tank on the road! Today we are going to trade that in however, for something smaller and more gas efficient. My husband has to drive almost an hour to work, so we need something to save us from gas cost.

And to top all that off, the other day I noticed that there were signs of an attempted break in to our house. The scary part is that most of the time, I am here alone with the kids while my husband works nights. Three windows were attempted but luckily they were painted over and refused to be opened. That's caused me a few nights sleep. However, we are a family that believes in the right to bear arms and I grew up a country girl in the woods, so I feel that I am protected. I know the types of people that have residence in the area and I can only say that I'm beyond ready to move out of this town. Even rats abandon a sinking ship. That's what I pray we do to this stinkhole of a town.

But!! Good things are afloat. I believe in the positive and I see it in me. I will be the change and light we need during these stupid annoying times. Don't fret friends, there is good stuff coming from me soon. Sorry for the delay, and if you've made it this far, thanks for reading.

Next time we talk, it will be a lot sexier. I promise!!