Friday, August 27, 2010

Once upon a time....

there was a little(big?) girl who was very very naughty and didn't update her tumblr or blog for quite a while. This girl felt really really bad about it, and wanted to make up for it. So that girl got out her handy camera and started stripping off her clothes...

Comments=love. :D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am currently watching The Addams Family (1991) and enjoying some sugar free fruit punch. How awesome are Anjelica Huston and Christopher Lloyd in this film? Anjelica's hair is enough to make me want to go back to all black hair.

What have I been up to recently?

Well...I've been doing a lot of reading. I've also have taken the first few steps of a spiritual journey. Im thinking of creating a different blog to journal my progress. Have no fear, there's no sudden conversion to prudism for yours truly. There still will be lots of good stuff for you to oogle at.

Speaking of oogling (my spell check is HATING that word). I've got some new updates on

There's SO much more on the site. The video that's include in this up...Ohhh you've got to see.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I keep grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw. I dont know why, but it hurts and I'm tired of it. I've been reading Black Dahlia Avenger by Steve Hodel. It's a great book with a great theory about the death of Elizabeth Short. But I find myself reading and grinding my teeth. I'm doing it with noticing until it becomes painful.

I hate doctors, but I'm thinking I might just have to visit one. Me no gusta. (I dont really know Spanish, so forgive me if that's wrong)

Ok, Im going back to reading and then maybe showering. More pictures to come soon, I promise.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This title has nothing to do with this post...

So I'm sitting around, one hand on a cold beer and my eyes on my Twitter feed.(If you don't follow me, you should! I'm really not super exciting but we all like followers right? @angievendetta ) Just a nice, calm day. I am thankful for days like this. Especially after the past few emotional days. I like this sitting around and just chilling. I think times like these are good for the soul.

Over the weekend I found myself in a little used book store. I swear when I die, my afterlife will be a big Victorian house filled to the ceilings with books. It was so relaxing to browse through loved copies of books. It was like you could hear each one calling out to be taken home. I have the same feeling in a bookstore as I do when I visit an animal rescue or shelter. I brought a few new friends home and have been devouring them since. My latest read is The Black Dahlia Avenger. Find it, read it. It's been pretty awesome so far.

Now that I've rambled on for a bit about nothing, how about some candids?

This is from the other day. I've been feeling weird about my body. I think I've lost a few pounds. My jeans fit perfectly right from the dryer where they were a struggle before(I machine dry my jeans because Im lazy)and my body just feels...different. Who knows what's going on.

I received these super sexy undies from a very,very sweet man. I got them in red and in black and let me tell you, I feel so sexy in them.

And from behind! You can see my messy closet (!), my bum, and my thick legs. Pay no attention to my messy closet. :D

Expect more post in the future. I really love interacting with you guys.

Monday, August 2, 2010

This is one of my personal favorites. Only because I love the slippery wet feeling of the oil all over my body. I really hate the feeling of oil or lotion on my hands, but let me tell you, when I can rub all over my oil covered body, its amazing. I'm wanting to do it right now.

To see the rest of these super sexy, oily, and FUN pictures you need to join the site. There are videos up now! And I just turned in a new set (Ill be giving you a sneak peek soon!) that is super hot and VERY revealing. Here's the link

And!! If you join, and send me a message (here or Tumblr or Twitter or carrier pigeon) I'll send you a special thank you gift. :D